Friday, September 20, 2013

Stripes and Leggings

 Leggings: Walmart | Maternity Top: Old Navy
Belt: Ardene | Shoes: Ardene 

Whoa! Not sure what happened to today's photos, but they're kinda funky, aren't they?! Oh well! 
I love this navy striped shirt. It's kind of big, but I actually like it this way. It covers my bunsies as I wear these leggings things! 

Ardene, at my mall is having a huge 80% off sale right now, so I went this week and bought 3 pairs of shoes and two skinny long belts for a total of $12!! Sweeeeeeeet! I might go back for a few more of the belts because this belt is SO super comfy and perfect! It's so light and you can barely tell you're wearing it! It came in a two pack and was originally priced at like $9.40, so I got two belts for like $1 something! Score!!

This week {and part of last week} I have been so extremely exhausted and drained of all energy and motivation. I just do not want to do ANYTHING! I am constantly falling asleep if I'm sitting around, and I usually never take naps. This baby is zapping my energy from me. Laying down on my bed is where I find the most relief from back pains and lugging around this tummy. I haven't been counting down the days so far, but I've found myself starting to! ... I still have a couple months to go though. .. Still enjoying other parts of pregnancy though.. mainly all the baby movements. Those are always fun. He sure rocks my belly around! I love watching it all! It's all just so sweet : )

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