Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Navy and Mint + 29 Years

Maternity Jeans: Old Navy | Maternity Top: Old navy
| Under shirt: Walmart | Cardigan: Thrifted
Sandals: Ardene | Necklace: Thrifted

Yesterday I turned 29 years old. I had a normal day here at home and then after Hubby got off work we went out to dinner. Did you know you get a free meal on your birthday at Pizza Delight? COOL! I chose lasagna and a ceasar salad side. Yum! Hubby knows how much I LOVE candles, and especially Fall smells, so he bought me a big apple something candle and also a pretty little silver heart necklace with my initial :) It's adorable. He said he likes me having a little something special from him to be able to wear. My favorite is the pretty little heart necklace he gave me last year for our 3rd anniversary. I love having sweet necklaces from him that I can wear every day, versus more stand-out-ish statement necklaces that I pick out for matching with outfits. It was a nice night. Then we stopped off at the grocery store because we were out of cereal .. We seriously go through cereal like crazy! And I also randomly decided to get a cheap frozen cheese cake for my birthday cake! What's a birthday without cake?! 

In the pictures the navy and mint color combo I'm wearing doesn't seem as noticeable as it did in person. But I really liked my outfit. And I think the cardigan just completed it. YAY! The weather was chilly last night! I was SO excited about being chilly all night long! Hubby just looked at me and said, "You're weird!" .. I know it, but there's just something so cozy about the first chilliness of the season. I've just been so extremely hot and muggy all this warm season long and not wanting pants touching my legs at all! But now it's cooling off and I'm loving it! Love putting on a sloppy big sweater in the late evening and lounging around in the living room. COZY! : ) Anyway.. I felt pretty cute in yesterday's outfit. Feeling cute and put together is always important to me on my birthday! ; ) 


  1. Happy Birthday... Yesterday! I LOVE your "baby boy Metz" picture! It's adorable!!

    1. Thanks Rachel!! I saw you pinned it! :) hehe! I just love playing around and having fun editing photos!

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    1. Picmonkey!! Free! .. most of it, anyway :)

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