Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The reason for my lack of blogging the last couple of weeks . . .

baby bump mets from Jessica on Vimeo.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Black and Blue

Pants: Walmart | Maternity sweater: Target | Boots: Walmart 

So, last post wasn't my last maternity post after all! 

My parents are here from California! They arrived later Saturday night.. well, technically early Sunday morning! (4am!!) I was SO busy Saturday, getting things ready and finishing things I had put off till the last minute! Like finishing the blanket I was making for my mom! She loved the one I crocheted for the baby, so I made her a bigger one, but with her favorite colors. I seriously completed it like 3 hours before they arrived! 

Tonight Hubby's family threw me a baby shower. We decided to have the baby shower so close to the due date (seriously, one day before due date) so I could have my mom there with me. So happy for that! Actually, all the men in the family were a part as well, so dad was there too. 

Target JUST opened up in my city this past week! So mom, dad, Hubby, and I went to check it out and do some shopping today! The airline lost mom's luggage, so they told her they would reimburse her money for things she had to purchase until her luggage gets shipped to us. And dad gave both Hubby and I some money for an early Christmas gift, so I got this sweater to wear especially to the baby shower tonight with these pants. 

We had a lovely time at the shower and received many great gifts for our baby boy! Looking forward to dressing him up in all his cute clothes! ... which I hope will be very soon!  


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Green, Stripes, Leopard and Snow

Kelly Green and Leopard Scarf - source

Stripes and Leopard - source

Maternity Maxi Skirt: Old Navy | Shirt: Thrifted 
Cardigan: Thrifted | Scarf: Ebay 

Hello snow! It pretty much snowed all day Sunday.. But not enough to stick. It's getting COLD now! I've definitely been bundling up warmer the past few days. 

It's getting harder to want to dress nicer lately.. Pregnancy is getting more and more uncomfortable and if I don't have to go out for anything I don't. I stay inside, wearing comfy "home" clothes. .. Nothing blog worthy. 

Today {Tuesday} is day 1 of 39 weeks! Can't believe it! And my parents fly out this Saturday to stay with us for a couple weeks. Pretty excited about that. We have a 5 hour drive to Main to pick them up at the airport. It's TONS cheaper to fly within the states rather than flying into Canada from the states. Hopefully all goes well with the long drive. 

.. Wow.. this could possibly be my last maternity post... We shall see!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Navy, Stripes and Pink

Navy and Navy Stripes - source

Navy and Pink - source

Skirt: Super Store | Maternity Top: Old Navy | Cardigan: Walmart
Shoes: Ardene | Necklace: Yard Sale | Belt: Ardene 

Combining two pins again! I like! Although I'm not sure I'll be wearing this skirt again while pregnant. The elastic band around the waist was pretty tight below my belly and I felt like I was squishing the life out of my baby's head! .. Probably not so, but still. I ended up wearing flip flops to church in the evening  instead of these flats again because my ankles and feet were a bit swollen.. ugh... 
Week 38 starts tomorrow {Tuesday} !! Can't believe it! We finally started painting the curtains for the baby room.. I really should have started this DIY project a long time ago! We should be able to get it done soon though! 

Scarf and Beanie

Maternity Jeans: Old Navy | White Tank: Hubby's drawer | Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: Walmart | Boots: Walmart | Scarf: Ebay  | Beanie: Dollarama 

Oooops, I have forgotten to post a couple outfits from the weekend. Saturday Hubby and I went out to get some info on a stroller we are wanting. It wasn't too cold out, but my hair was damp and so I wore a beanie.
So the boots I'm wearing.. Hubby put those on for me and tucked my pants into them. .. I can't put my boots on by myself anymore! .. It was miracle that I was actually able to shave my legs in the shower this morning {Monday} !!! .. Hmm.. maybe that's why I'm so sore tonight! haha! 
My back pain and other soreness doesn't really start up until the evenings. I feel great in the mornings and afternoon, so I've been trying to do things during that time. But ya, come evening, I'm hobbling around.. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bundled Up for Late Night Cravings

Pants: Walamrt | Sweater: Thrifted | Coat: Old Navy | Hat: Dollarama 
Boots: Walmart | Scarf: Handmade by ME! | Mittens: Mall .. I think

It's 10 o'clock at night and I get a craving for something cold, slushy-like, and refreshing. So I decided we must go out and get me a Tim's Iced Capp. We head outside and all the cars are covered in a thin layer of frost on the cars and it was super cold! Inside the car was even colder. I was seriously COLD COLD for the first time since being pregnant and my body was shivering like crazy! While Hubby kept the car running and warming up, I decided to run back inside to put on warmer clothes (since I had come out in only my jean jacket to keep warm. If you're like me, the cold weather does NOT keep you from craving and enjoying ice cream or cold slushy drinks : ) So I came back out bundled up for winter, all for a 2 minute drive to the Tim Hortons drive-thru! 

I made my crochet infinity scarf last winter. I love that I'm able to make my own accessories! And of course I loved being able to use my own handmade coffee cozy for frozen drinks! You can find my crochet coffee cozies in my Etsy shop!

.. Hubby calls me "crazy girl" for needing a yummy cold drink on such a cold night.. What do you think? Am I crazy? Are you crazy too?? ; ) ... And FYI I did share this humongous drink with my Hubby!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brown, Navy, and Pink

Skirt: Thrifted | Maternity Top: Old Navy | Sweater: Giant Tiger
Jean Jacket: GAP | Boots: Ardene | Belt: Ardene 

Oops, forgot to mention that I cut my hair this week! .. In case it wasn't obvious from my last post. It feels good to have it cut again and I feel refreshed. It's easier to fix too, for the most part. I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for a few weeks now. I tried a couple days ago and they wouldn't even fit over my knuckle! So I wear them on a necklace now : ) And the other necklace I'm wearing is what my sweet Hubby gave me last night for our anniversary. I love jewelry from Hubby!

I'm in week 36 of my pregnancy! Getting more and MORE ready for this boy to be out. My body's getting pretty tired.. braxton hicks contractions are so uncomfortable and they last for quite a while when they come. Any time I get in the car,  BOOM, my stomach tenses up and I can barely move! Sitting in church is no different.. Along with these, comes back pains. I'm not grumbling or complaining.. I have loved and enjoyed being pregnant, but my body is so tired, restless, and really wanting to be normal again.. as in, no huge belly that constantly contracts into a mass of hard ball-ish muscle! But I know that it will be over sooner than I realize.. because time just flies...