Monday, November 4, 2013

Scarf and Beanie

Maternity Jeans: Old Navy | White Tank: Hubby's drawer | Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: Walmart | Boots: Walmart | Scarf: Ebay  | Beanie: Dollarama 

Oooops, I have forgotten to post a couple outfits from the weekend. Saturday Hubby and I went out to get some info on a stroller we are wanting. It wasn't too cold out, but my hair was damp and so I wore a beanie.
So the boots I'm wearing.. Hubby put those on for me and tucked my pants into them. .. I can't put my boots on by myself anymore! .. It was miracle that I was actually able to shave my legs in the shower this morning {Monday} !!! .. Hmm.. maybe that's why I'm so sore tonight! haha! 
My back pain and other soreness doesn't really start up until the evenings. I feel great in the mornings and afternoon, so I've been trying to do things during that time. But ya, come evening, I'm hobbling around.. 

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