Monday, November 4, 2013

Navy, Stripes and Pink

Navy and Navy Stripes - source

Navy and Pink - source

Skirt: Super Store | Maternity Top: Old Navy | Cardigan: Walmart
Shoes: Ardene | Necklace: Yard Sale | Belt: Ardene 

Combining two pins again! I like! Although I'm not sure I'll be wearing this skirt again while pregnant. The elastic band around the waist was pretty tight below my belly and I felt like I was squishing the life out of my baby's head! .. Probably not so, but still. I ended up wearing flip flops to church in the evening  instead of these flats again because my ankles and feet were a bit swollen.. ugh... 
Week 38 starts tomorrow {Tuesday} !! Can't believe it! We finally started painting the curtains for the baby room.. I really should have started this DIY project a long time ago! We should be able to get it done soon though! 

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