Monday, November 18, 2013

Black and Blue

Pants: Walmart | Maternity sweater: Target | Boots: Walmart 

So, last post wasn't my last maternity post after all! 

My parents are here from California! They arrived later Saturday night.. well, technically early Sunday morning! (4am!!) I was SO busy Saturday, getting things ready and finishing things I had put off till the last minute! Like finishing the blanket I was making for my mom! She loved the one I crocheted for the baby, so I made her a bigger one, but with her favorite colors. I seriously completed it like 3 hours before they arrived! 

Tonight Hubby's family threw me a baby shower. We decided to have the baby shower so close to the due date (seriously, one day before due date) so I could have my mom there with me. So happy for that! Actually, all the men in the family were a part as well, so dad was there too. 

Target JUST opened up in my city this past week! So mom, dad, Hubby, and I went to check it out and do some shopping today! The airline lost mom's luggage, so they told her they would reimburse her money for things she had to purchase until her luggage gets shipped to us. And dad gave both Hubby and I some money for an early Christmas gift, so I got this sweater to wear especially to the baby shower tonight with these pants. 

We had a lovely time at the shower and received many great gifts for our baby boy! Looking forward to dressing him up in all his cute clothes! ... which I hope will be very soon!  



  1. Aw, this time is the hardest... Praying that your little mr. comes soon! Today!! Can't wait!

  2. Hey! I've been praying for you... I hope the lack of blogging means your little mr has arrived??!!?!?