Friday, August 23, 2013

Super Warm, Super Casual

Maternity Shorts: Hand-me-Downs | Maternity Top: Walmart
Cardigan: Thrifted 

Goodness, I have been a roasty toasty pregnant lady this week! There have even been some overcast rainy days, but I'm still cookin' from the inside out! .. I guess that comes with pregnancy. I have had zero desire to dress up in anything else other than these super comfortable maternity shorts. I haven't worn pants in so long! I just don't want anything touching my legs and making me hot- ugh! I feel so boring for wearing these shorts every day, but they fit perfectly on my waist.. unlike most of my other shorts right now. I am SO looking forward to cooler weather coming. Especially the Fall, because.. well, you know.. I pretty much love it. But I can't wait to feel the need to wear cardigans, sweaters and my jeans again! And look at me here, wearing a cardigan! I forgot to mention that tonight cooled off a lot and we took a walk across town. I felt perfect in this, and Hubby said he was cold! .. And I'm usually the one that freezes easily! The cool air felt glorious! My mom sent me this adorable maternity shirt a few months ago. It finally fits nicely on my tummy. I love it. And my Hubby wore the shirt I got him for his birthday that says, "This Guy's gonna be a Daddy."

I realized this week that I have officially forgotten what it's like not to be pregnant.. It feels like I have been humorously struggling to get off the couch forever, and feeling baby movements for as long as I can remember. I can't remember my body without a big baby belly anymore. I'm not complaining. Because I love my big baby belly. And I have actually felt more confident pregnant than I was not pregnant! ... Although, I am now starting to feel noticeably large haha! I have my days of course, where I feel yucky with myself.. Those are the days I would normally say to dress my best, .. but not in the warm humid weather. Bluuuh. I at least make it a point to put my make up on which makes me feel good enough ; ) .. If not for me, then for my Husband's sake so he's not frightened away when he comes home on his work breaks! : ) 

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