Sunday, August 25, 2013

Navy and Turquoise

Skirt: SuperStore {Joe Fresh Brand} | Top: Thrifted
Sandals: Ardene | Necklace: Ebay | Earrings: Handmade by me | Bracelets: Dollarama

While getting ready for church I realized I can't wear many of my skirts anymore.. Bummer. Most of them are button ups and zippered. I have less than a handful of stretchy skirts that still comfortably and decently fit, and then one maternity maxi skirt.. which I will most likely be wearing every Sunday here shortly! I've decided I need to organize my closet and separate all the clothing I can and can't wear just to make dressing a little easier, .. but I haven't done it yet.

My bump is really pushing out there! I asked my doctor last week about stretch mark preventions and she basically said (like a lot answers I've found on pregnancy forums) that nothing will really prevent them. And then I find tips on Pinterest for preventing them and get confused.. So I don't know really know if they're preventable or not. But I am faithfully rubbing coconut oil on my belly. What can it hurt? I haven't noticed any signs of stretch marks yet, but if it can't prevent them I guess it will at least help with preventing itching skin! .. Although, I'm still not convinced that stretch marks are unpreventable. Is there seriously nothing so healthy that can be applied to the skin that can soak into the different and deeper layers of skin and moisturize it enough to prevent it from tearing? Hmmm.. Who knows. But I'll continue with my coconut oil and lotion.


  1. Everyone is different... I didn't get any with either of my sons, but my mum and sister both got them...?!?!? It depends on you I guess ;)

    1. Hmm.. Neither my mom or sister got them.. Hope I don't!