Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gray and Polka Dots

Gray, Polka Dots & Stripes - source

Skirt: Thrifted | Top: Thrifted & DIY-ed
Cardigan: Thrifted | Sandals: Ardene | Necklace: Thrifted 

This crazy baby boy has found my rib cage this week! My sister says, "Just you wait!!" haha! So far it hasn't been too painful. Just startling when he kicks me there. Can you tell by that big belly he's gettin' a growth spurt?! :) .. I almost can't wear this shirt anymore! All day today I was checking to make sure my tummy wasn't popping out in church! haha! A couple of times I felt a little draft.. 

I started out this morning wearing a belt under the cardigan (under because my belts are now too tight to wear around the outside of a cardigan!), but later on I decided it was more comfortable to go without. I need some longer belts...

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