Saturday, August 17, 2013

Navy and Coral

Capris: Zellers | Maternity Top: Old Navy
Sandals: Ardene | Purse: Zellers | Necklace: Yard Sale

Tonight we went on a DAAAAAATE!!! We've been so broke these days and haven't gone out in a while or had fast food in what seems like forever.. which, of course is not a bad thing, but.. to be broke during the middle of raging pregnancy cravings for all things fooood.. ya, not so fun. But I sold one of my infinity scarves locally and got some cash! So we went out to my favorite restaurant- WENDY'S hahaha!! Hey, sometimes fast food is the fanciest date you can do, but when you're with your Love it doesn't matter.. (and when you're dying for burgers and fries!). We had a good time. First we parked down town and took a nice little walk near the river and through some cute old neighborhoods. It's really nice to get out of our apartment and take walks and sit across each other at a restaurant eating. No distractions from the television (bad habit I'm really wanting to break for dinner time) and you can just talk. It's like catching up, even though you see each other so much in a day.. But there are so many things that can keep us from each other, and soon we'll have a baby joining our home. I'm thinking about this a lot lately. I feel like I just want to squeeze in as much "us" time that we possibly can before the baby.. I just love us, and I know I'll love us with a baby too, but it's been just us for almost 4 years! Here come ch-ch-ch-changes!! 

So on to my outfit. I am loving mixing colors I never would have thought of putting together before! Good ole Pinterest to get those creative outfit juices flowing. Okay, that's all I have to say about my outfit :)

Can you see my nails?? I've been in the nail painting mood lately (once again, thank you Pinterest.. sheesh!) It's kind of hard to see, but I copied this pin. And my chevrons always turn out so horrible! I used a tooth pick haha!

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