Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint, Lace, and Pearls

Mint and Lace - source

Pants: Walmart | Maternity Top: Walmart
Flip flops: Probably Walmart! | Necklace: Thrifted
Headband: Handmade by me 

Have I ever mentioned how much I like the color mint green?.. and similar shades? Well, I adore it! And I wouldn't mind a pair of mint shorts for the summer time, because wearing pants is starting to get a little uncomfortable in this heat and humidity. 

I got adventurous today and decided to straighten my hair for fun. The humidity didn't let it last long though, so in the photos my curls had half come back. Not the best day (or season) for straightening my hair. A few minutes after I finished straightening it started poofin' and frizzin'. I rubbed some coconut oil through my hair to take out some of the frizz, then it just got a little greasy looking and feeling.

I was in a crochet mood this afternoon, but couldn't figure out what to make! .. I love and hate those moods.. Love the fact that I'm in the mood to crochet, but hate the fact that I can't settle on an idea of what to work on. I searched Pinterest and my own Pinterest crochet board for a while trying to get some inspiration.. Finally I decided to make a couple of crochet headbands. And I made one to match today's outfit. Super simple and I thought it might be nice to have some headbands to take with us on our camping trip were planning for next week! Woo-hoo! Looking forward to our first camping trip together!

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