Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black and Floral

Maternity Pants: Hand-me-downs | Top: Zellers

Had my first appointment at the hospital meeting with an obstetrician. They loaded me up with all sorts of information and books to read! Debating on whether or not I want to take the free breastfeeding class or not.. And also thinking about signing us up for the prenatal classes. That might be fun! 

I'm still amazed at how fast my bump is growing! It's like every day I can tell it pokes out just a little further. And this little feller inside is such a wiggle worm! Last night I was sitting on the couch and he does his little kung-fu moves, so I decided to interact a little.. I rubbed my belly every time he'd kick or poke and wait for him to respond. So cute. Loving it. Hubby still hasn't been able to feel any kicks yet, because every single time he puts his hand on my belly the baby stops and stays completely still! .. Not sure if it's just a coincidence or if the baby can actually sense it.. ? But I'm sure in no time at all he won't be able to hide his movements from us!

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