Sunday, October 6, 2013

Leopard Print

Black Maxi Skirt, White T, leopard print scarf - source

Maternity Maxi Skirt: Old Navy | T-shirt: Walmart | Jacket: GAP
Belt: Ardene | Shoes: Ardene | Scarf: Ebay | Earrings: Etsy

I love my maternity maxi skirt. It's just the most comfiest thing right now. I don't really like wearing black and white together.. but you can always accessorize and help the outfit not look so bland. This is the first time getting to wear my leopard print scarf! It was cool out this morning : ) Felt great! 

If you're one of my friends on Facebook then you probably saw my status from earlier today when I shared about a lady who predicted some things about my pregnancy today.. First of all, she came over to me after church and asked if she could rub my feet for me.. uhh... kind of a little *aaakwardddddd* ... I told her I didn't need them rubbed, that it's mainly my back and sciatic nerves giving me pain. That was pretty thoughtful of her though... considering the fact that she's just started visiting our church and it was the first I've talked to her! Then she went on to ask me if I was thin or small before I was pregnant, and if my hips had been small or big. She said that after the Baby, my hips would never be the size they were before again. haha! Okay. Thanks for the warning. Then after we talked a little about my due date she looks into the near future and tells me, "Well, you're still carrying pretty high, so you're definitely not going to be early... maybe two weeks late." .. And she assures me she knows her stuff because she's been through it all before.. with her two children : ) ... So what did I do when I got home this afternoon??? ... I called up my parents and told them they needed to contact the airlines right away and change their flight for two weeks after my due date, .. to be sure they will be here on time! ...  ha ha JUST KIDDING...  ; ) ... People are so funny. Nothing she said offended me at all. It really humored me actually!

Anyway, that was my funny story from the day. And now I leave you with a visual of me throwing some fall leaves.. just because : )

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