Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Little Casual, A Little Nice

Pants: Walmart | Maternity Top: Walmart 
Sweater: Thrifted | Boot: Walmart | Earrings: Avon 

Just another casual lounge-y day at home.. Oh, I guess I did go out to mail a couple shop orders.. across the street. Thought I'd mix my decorated T-shirt with a nicer sweater. A bit of casual with a bit of dressier. Kind of cozy and a lot of comfortable : ) .. Just what I like. I feel like I'm wearing these black legging pants every single day.. Oh ya, maybe because I am! Have you seen that "funny" on Pinterest that goes something like, "It's astounding how one's stress level goes down with the simple act of switching from skinny jeans to yoga pants." ?? ... Ya it's pretty much true for me.

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