Saturday, September 7, 2013


Maternity Jeans: Old Navy | Top: Thrifted
Earrings: Ardene | Necklace: Ebay

I can't help myself.. Apparently my eyes are always drawn to stripes when I shop, because it seems like everything I go to put on from my closet has stripes! This is another one of those shirts that I would sometimes feel a little self conscious in, like my tummy would stick out a little. But of course, now that I've got a ginormous baby bump I love it. I love how it's nice and looong too! And I'm happy the weather is starting to cool off now so that I can wear some of my favorites. 

This rambunctious baby boy is kicking my insides up a storm! His kicks and punches are getting so much stronger. Tonight I was resting on my side on the bed and he kicked me with all his might and wow, it startled me and slightly hurt a bit that I screamed! haha! ... Still no waking me up in the night though.

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