Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Layers

Leggings: Walmart | Maternity Top: Walmart | Sweater: Thrifted
Jean Jacket: GAP | Boots: Walmart

LOVED today's outfit! It's gotten a little cooler out I can finally start dressing in layers and fun pieces! I just got this jean jacket on Sunday!! I had a little money leftover on a GAP gift card I had gotten for Christmas and some birthday money, so we went to look around Saturday. That's when I spotted this jacket. But I left without it... And then all the way home decided that I really really wanted it! I've never had a brand new, perfect fitting jean jacket before. I do have a couple, but they don't fit well on the shoulders. I always feel pretty frumpy in them so I rarely wear them anymore. So at the checkout on Sunday, buying the jacket, it rang up less than we thought! The sign said 30% off, but at the counter it came up 40% off! YAY! Don't you love little surprises like that?! : ) 

The green shirt under the sweater is the same one I wore here. I love the length of it with these leggings because the leggings are a bit saggy in the crotch area. 

Today was my second to last appointment with my regular doctor! This week I will be calling the obstetrician to schedule my 36 week visit! .. And from there I guess it's weekly appointments. Time is flying...

p.s. .. I apologize for the photos once again... Not quite sure what's going on lately, why they're turning out so fuzzy. Maybe the time of day..

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