Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pink and Gray

Shorts: Walmart | Shirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Walmart | Necklace: Yard Sale 

Today's outfit is inspired from this pin. .. which is a bit more feminine and dressy than what I chose. I do actually have a lighter pink shirt, but the sleeves are longer and I felt like wearing a t-shirt today. It was a pretty warm day right from waking up! Our air conditioner got in some use for awhile this afternoon :) aaahh... I love that machine! 

For me, I feel that more form fitting shirts make me look thinner. They definitely show off my bump better, but I like how I feel in slightly more form fitting shirts.. at least across my tummy : )  I know there is a humongous change in maternity style from back in the olden days.. I remember laying on the couch sick all day during morning sickness, watching the I Love Lucy Show.. When she was pregnant she wore the ugliest, hugest moo-moo looking maternity clothes! 

 #1   #2   #3

 I kept thinking to myself, "I just want to see how cute her baby bump is!" But I remember reading an article on her pregnancy and something was mentioned about how back in those days it was inappropriate for the baby bellies to be seen. ("..There were several challenges from CBS, insisting that a pregnant woman could not be shown on television, nor could the word "pregnant" be spoken on-air...") Whaaaaat?! .. I'm so glad that's not the case now'a days. .. Of course, I also realize MANY MANY things that were once seen as inappropriate are now seen as completely acceptable. Guess that's how the world works in it's declining ways. BUT, still really glad for the change in the maternity views. .. at least in showing the baby bump! Cause I'm pretty proud of mine! 

Speaking of proud... My little sister had her baby boy today!! That's baby #2 for her! So happy and excited for her and her Hubby, .. and my ADORABLE niece who is now a big sister! YAY, what an exciting day! Wish I could be there to give them all hugs and kisses...

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