Thursday, July 25, 2013

White, Red and Turquoise

White, Red and Turquoise - source

Capri pants: Thrifted | Top: Walmart
Sandals: Ardene | Earrings: World Market 

 I've been wanting a pair of white pants after seeing some cute outfits on Pinterest lately. Then I remembered I had this pair of white capri pants I thrifted last year when I was visiting my family in California. They are a bit baggy in the legs for my taste, so I'd like to have them taken in a little. You should have seen me this morning, wearing them inside out and trying to bend over to pin the sides of the pant legs so I could ask my mother in law to sew down the lines!! I gave up...  My belly's starting to get in the way now!... but I'll have her help me later with them. I think I'd like them better if they weren't so loose.

Hubby and I went out for a sweet little picnic by the lake this afternoon. I just love picnics. And I really love my Hubby being home with me all day! Loving the rest of his vacation week!

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