Friday, July 12, 2013

Light and Casual

White, Khaki, and Browns - source

Maternity shorts: Hand-me-downs | Top: Thrifted
Sandals: Ardene

It's so fun finding new outfits in your closet amongst all your old existing clothing! I don't own any khaki shorts so I went with the closest I had. And plus, these shorts are maternity so they are sooo comfy! (but now I'm really wanting some khaki shorts!) I love the white top in the Pinterest inspiration photo, but all I had was a long sleeve white t-shirt. I just pulled up the sleeves and rolled up a cuff. Perfect! It's not a "wow-ing" outfit (then again, I'm not really the "wow-ing" dresser!), but I did feel pretty cute today. And just look at that belly! Eeek! I love my baby bump! It's seriously taking off in the growth process lately! I think I've finally come out of the "looking like I ate too much dinner" stage of my pregnancy!

Baby Boy's little movements are getting stronger and have become actual kicks! So adorable! But every time I put my hand on my belly He stops! And he definitely won't let Daddy feel him yet either. I just love all the little wiggles and kicks going on inside! A little life in my tummy!


  1. Feeling the baby is so wonderful! And yes, you are looking prego! Feeling better again??

  2. Yes I am feeling better! I think the heat and humidity we were having the last couple of weeks was helping in not making me feel so well. The weather has been really nice this week. And plus we just got an air conditioner installed in our apartment this week! :)