Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rainy Day + A Skirt .. Oh and 17 Weeks!

Shirt: thrifted | Tank: Walmart
Skirt: thrifted | Belt: thrifted
 Necklace: Ebay | Earrings: Avon

Last night I hung out in my closet playing around with outfit ideas and of course modeling for Hubby's approval and opinions. I tried on a few of my skirts, pairing them with shirts and belts and Hubby said I should wear skirts more often around the home. Apparently he liked my modeling. So today I wore a skirt. Not the perfect day for a skirt, but I didn't have any reason for going out anyway. Belts have become my new favorite accessory, by the way!

Today I read to my baby outloud from the book of Psalms, painted my toe nail and finger nails, and made chocolate chip cookies. .. and if you'll excuse me, I hear a few of those cookies calling my name! 

Oh, and is my shirt plaid or flannel??

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