Saturday, June 29, 2013

IT'S A . . .

 We had our Gender Reveal party today! Didn't get to have it at that pretty park like we planned because of the weather, but we had a great time indoors with family and friends! I wore blue to the party- I just KNEW Baby Mets was a boy! And Hubby wore pink. We are very happy and excited. Now I need to start searching Pinterest to get my mind inspired and thinking "boy" !! That doesn't come as easily to me as "girl" haha. 

I think this is my Hubby's first appearance on the blog, so.. Meet my handsome wonderful husband! He's the one that photographs my outfits for the blog.. which, I know, I haven't blogged much this week. I was feeling sick for the first half of the week. I had a mini morning sickness return. Then the last half of this week I have been getting things ready for the party.. which has nothing to do with outfits, but I'll share my photos of our party next week with you!
I'm off to nibble on party left overs!! 

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