Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello Baby!

Skirt: So old don't remember | Shirt: thrifted
Cardigan: thrifted | Belt: thrifted
Purse: Walmart | Necklace: Yard Sale

Here I am, starting a style blog.. not because I'm any expert at fashion and style. I'm definitely far from an expert when it comes to dressing myself! Being 4 months pregnant, and my little baby bump starting to be more visible every day, I thought it would be fun to blog my outfits throughout maternity. I'm hoping it will help me stay motivated in dressing my best and being creative with this whole new body experience!

I love browsing through personal style blogs and pinning tons of inspiring outfits to my clothing style board {you can see my board here} {and here's my maternity style board.. there's more than just outfit ideas in there}. I also love browsing through thrift stores, and so MUCH of my wardrobe consists of thrifted clothing. I love it!

Normally I am not much of a "belt" person, because I don't think they do me or my outfits any favors. As in I feel like they make my muffin top or tummy chubbies stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe all the belts I usually try are too wide. I recently read this post and was inspired to start wearing belts to "work" my little bump! Love how the belt makes it stand out so much more! Eek, I love my baby bump! I can embrace the tummy now! haha

Happy new week! 

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