Sunday, October 27, 2013

4 Years + Black and White

Maternity Maxi Skirt: Old Navy | Top: Thrifted | Jean Jacket: GAP
Boots: Ardene | Necklace: Thrifted 

We celebrated our 4th anniversary on Thursday, the 24th. I woke up 4:30 in the morning and taped photos on the bathroom mirror in the shape of the number 4, so he would get a sweet message in the morning before leaving for work. {got the idea from here}. I didn't realize he couldn't sleep and had been awake all night long.. so he was wondering what was taking this midnight "bathroom trip" longer than my normal 15 midnight bathroom trips! ha ha! I made crockpot lasagna for dinner {recipe found here} and a chocolate peanut butter Oreo pie for dessert {recipe found here}. But because Hubby sometimes doesn't get home from work until 8, we decided we would "go out" on Saturday. So last night {because I'm writing this Sunday} we went out to dinner and then to the mall to take some fun photos in the mall photo booth, .. you know, those fun little cramped booths you squish into and take little photos? I brought along some props for some added fun. 

I love my Hubby so much. You know you love someone the day you marry them, but little do you know just how much that love can grow the longer you are together. He is my best friend, my hero, my lover, my confidant.. I CANNOT imagine life without him. True, there are "those days" or "those moments" .. but the love and laughter we share on a regular basis FAR outweigh any of those. I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father loves me SO. VERY. MUCH to give me the BEST for me! ... You know that feeling "I'm so glad I waited for this one." ?? Ya, that's pretty much what I think every time I stop and think about my life with my husband. God is good. He gave me the best for me! 

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