Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Another One of Those Stripey Kind of Days

white and stripes source

Pants: Thrifted | Top: Thrifted
Bracelet: www.jessicandesigns.com

What is it with me and stripes lately?? It's like I'm obsessed! I decided to go without the colored accessories/shoes from the inspiration photo and just go with the white pants and striped shirt. My striped shirt is the opposite- black with white stripes, so I wore white earrings instead of black. My bracelet was something I won from a blogger's giveaway a couple years ago. It is customized with mine and Hubby's initials { j+j }. These white pants are the same ones I wore here. I had my mother in law slim them for me. The last time I wore them I could button them, but I can't anymore! : ) Still loving my growing belly! I just need some belly bands to keep some of my pants up. I plan to buy cheap thrifted tank tops that are tight and turn them into stretchy belly bands.  

Okay, today I bought two tubs of ice cream- chocolate with brownie pieces, and a peanut butter something something ice cream... I've really been dying for some YUMMY ice cream.. So I think I'm gonna go dip into that delicious looking peanut butter ice cream right now!!

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